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Attending a school with a long and proud history gives Cannon Hill State School students a great many advantages.

We enjoy the benefits of large classrooms, which are double the size of the rooms in most schools. The entire school features noise abatement measures and is fully air-conditioned. And even our oldest buildings, now Heritage Listed, were architecturally designed to provide an optimal learning space.

We have numerous established facilities, including:

Undercover Area

This multi-purpose facility lends itself to a variety of activities. It hosts our Assemblies, functions and special events, as well as our weekly Breakfast Club. It is also used for gymnastics, skipping, musical performance and sporting activities. 

Students use the Undercover Area's large catering and educational kitchen, together with resources from the adjacent Kitchen Garden, and the hand built​ Cob Oven, to prepare and cook meals for the school community.

Library and Resource Centre

Our School Library Resource Centre is an integral part of all our learning programs.

Students regularly access the library facilities to borrow books and often choose to spend their afternoon play break in the library reading or playing games. 

This modern, accessible facility was completed in 2010. It houses the book collection, seminar room and a variety of learning spaces to support investigative learning in our school. 

The library is used for art exhibitions, technology lessons, storytelling, meetings, morning teas and workshops, as well as our annual Book Fair.

Library resources are regularly replaced and updated. The school participates in Book Club and Book Fair programs, which encourage home reading while helping us to access additional books for the school community.

Swimming Pool

Our unique Swimming Pool, which is 18 yards long, was hand-dug by the school community in around 1922. It is home to PE Swimming in Terms 1 and 4, as well as our annual Swimming Carnivals. 

Students swimming in Cannon Hill State School's pool are in illustrious company, with Olympians Hayley Lewis and Stephen Holland among past students who have participated in swimming lessons here.

Tennis and Basketball Courts

The school has two tennis and basketball courts, which are used by students during before school sport and in Physical Education classes.

The courts are available for hire (via the school office) on weekends and school holidays.

Performing Arts Area

We have designated rooms for instrumental music, piano lessons, guitar lessons, and class music lessons. This area includes a recycling centre with a large variety of interesting materials that can be accessed for Art and Science.


Our Atelier, or workshop, is located in E block, near the classrooms for Years 4 to 6. This space was created to create an environment where curiosity and engagement ignites learning in children.

This multi-purpose area is an ideal workspace for students engaging in visual arts, handcrafts, special projects, experiments and other creative or investigative endeavours.

An example of how this space has been used is the Atelier of Light, engaging students in thoughtful, active, focussed learning as they explore the wonders of light from artistic and scientific perspectives.

Autonomous Learning Centre

Adjacent to the Atelier is the Autonomous Learning Centre, where students in Years 4, 5 and 6 can work on their own or in small groups, with or without a teacher. 

This space has been refined in response to research into and experiments with alternatives to traditional classroom environments. We have a strong belief in the Reggio Emilia principle of the environment acting as the third teacher, and seek to create an atmosphere that promotes small group focus, project learning, targeted skill teaching, independent learning and autonomous learning. 

We constantly reflect on how students are engaging with this space, and make improvements or adjustments as appropriate.

Oval and Outdoor Play Areas

Our school has a range of play spaces and landscaped areas. Our central courtyard with covered sandpit and a variety of handball courts provide a welcoming area where children play and parents gather. There is a large oval which is used for a variety of games in addition to extensive shaded play areas. 

The banks of the oval are also opened once a week for supervised "nature play".

Age-appropriate playgrounds

Our playgrounds include specially-designed play areas, appropriate for the age of the students using them. 

We have a shaded Junior Playground area for students from Prep to Year 2. This includes a fort, sandpit, mounds, and customisable obstacle courses, encouraging young children to explore the world through play with others.

For Years 3 to 6 students, we have a separate Adventure Playground, near the Kitchen Garden and Undercover Area.

Water and Sand Play

We have two main areas for sand and water play - a large, landscaped sandpit in the lower piazza (Top Area), and a smaller, undulating sandpit and water-course near the Prep and Music/Italian blocks.

Students are encouraged to keep a spare uniform in their bag if they intend to engage in water play. If water play is planned as a class activity, notes will usually be sent home in advance asking students to wear quick-drying water-play clothes (like board shorts and rash vests).

Established Landscaped Areas

Cannon Hill State School has been established over 100 years, so our shade trees and gardens are well-advanced. 

We also maintain a number of specialised gardens, with interested students participating in the ongoing planning and care of our Orchard, Kitchen Garden, Bee Garden, Environment Club and other special horticultural projects.

Our Environment Club garden is home to the school's flock of happy chickens, who conveniently provide us with eggs for the school kitchen and breakfast club, as well as repurposing our food scraps.

Lunchtime Clubs

Students can access several lunchtime clubs during the week. These include Environment Club (working with our resident chickens and nearby garden), Art Club, Games Clubs (Years P-2 and 3-6), Boom Club (music) and Coding Club.