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Personal Property

Staff will take all care, but no responsibility, for any personal belongings brought to school. 

Please make sure you clearly label all items of clothing, shoes, hats etc with your child's name. 

Lost Property

All items of clothing left at school will be placed in a Lost Property box - please check this regularly. There is a Lost Property box in the office, in each classroom, and near the swimming pool. 

At the end of each term, any uncollected lost property is donated to our P&C Secondhand Uniform Shop, or to charity.

Any unfamiliar items which arrive at your home may belong to the school or to other children. Please assist us by returning these promptly.

School Policy on Mobile Phones

Students with mobile phones must check their phone in at the office before school, and collect it again at the end of the day.

School Policy on Toys

The Cannon Hill State School toy policy exists because they can be a distraction to learning, as well as creating the temptation for theft. School is an environment which lends itself to valuable equipment being lost or broken.

Cannon Hill State School defines a toy as any object a student brings from home that has not been requested by the teacher to be brought to school as an aid for learning. As such, no toys are to be brought to school by a student. The only exception would be sporting equipment deemed suitable by the classroom teacher - e.g. a soccer ball, netball, or football.

The child must take full responsibility for looking after allowed equipment during the day. These items must be clearly named, with the student's​​ class also visible. It would be assumed that children bringing sporting equipment to school would have permission from parents or caregivers to do so. 

If a child brings a toy or sporting equipment that the classroom teacher deems inappropriate or potentially dangerous, the teacher will take it from the child until home time when the child can collect it. 

If the item is potentially dangerous to the child on the journey home, the teacher will ring the parents or caregivers, who will be responsible for picking it up from the school. 

Cannon Hill State School will not take responsibility for any toys or sporting equipment that is lost or stolen whilst at school. Therefore the school will not reimburse the costs of any such loss or damage.