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Uniform Policy


​​School Dress Code

Cannon Hill State School students are expected to wear the school uniform, the requirements of which are determined in consultation with the P&C Association.


Students are free to choose which uniform they wish to wear on any given day, but are encouraged to wear their sporting house uniform for sports days, and their green dress uniforms for school photo day and performances. Hats are compulsory for all outdoor activities – no hat, no play.


The standard school uniform colours are the official school colours: bottle green, maroon and white. School shoes are black. Thunderbolts house shirts are purple. Shooting Stars house shirts are orange.


For all students, the basic uniform components are:

·         Green and Maroon polo shirt;

·         Green and white checked shirt;

·         House polo shirt (these have the house name and motto on the back);

·         Bottle green shorts (or skort if preferred);

·         Wide-brimmed or bucket hat (white for Prep students, bottle green for all other students);

·         White, bottle green or black socks; and

·         Comfortable shoes. These may be traditional school shoes, sandals or joggers, but must be safe (ie cover the feet, and be suitable to run in – no lights or wheels).

Additional uniform options include:

·         Green and white checked dress, trimmed with maroon;

·         Bottle green pleated skirt;

·         Bottle green fleece or microfibre tracksuit; and

·         Bottle green, maroon and white microfibre school logo jacket.

This uniform policy is in place to enhance the school’s image in the community, and to encourage a sense of school pride and belonging.

Students attending out of uniform will be asked to provide an explanation. They will be offered a second-hand uniform on loan (if available) and a letter will be sent home explaining what has happened. Loan uniforms may be either washed and returned, or purchased.


All school clothing must be labelled with the student’s name.

If the student's hair is on the shoulders or longer, it must be tied back. Ribbons and ties in school colours (bottle green, maroon, white) are preferred.

No jewellery, except sleepers or small studded earrings, are to be worm.

Uniform Shop

More information about where to obtain uniforms is available on our Uniform Shop page.