Middle school

During years 4 to 6, we build on the excellent foundations laid in the Early Childhood years. Students continue with the Australian Curriculum while they develop new learning and leadership skills.

Developing as Lifelong Learners Who Master Technology

As students progress through Upper Primary school, we aim to have children develop their independence as learners.
We know that because of the changing nature of the workforce, all people will need to know how to be curious lifelong learners if they are to be active and responsible citizens.
High levels of computer technology mastery are essential to this generation. They will need to be very astute at deciding the value of the many messages they receive through the media, over the internet and via other forms of communication which will emerge in their lifetimes. This has led to the development of a program where all students in years 5 and 6 are offered the opportunity to buy a computing device for their personal use in their learning (the 'CHSS 1-2-1 Program').
We understand that students will need​ to be explicitly taught how to clarify their thoughts, substantiate their reasoning, and draw conclusions based on listening to others, testing ideas and evidence. Weekly philosophy lessons as well as thinking and learning tools provide structure for this rigorous thinking program.
Students also learn about digital citizenship through the completion of online modules which evaluate their comprehension of key technology and cyber safety topics, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they require to be smart, safe and responsible digital citizens.

Developing as Leaders Who Can Think for Themselves and Lead Others

The school provides many opportunities for students in Year 6 to develop leadership skills and practice these. 
Our students are actively encouraged to develop their initiative and responsibility through various leadership roles. 
Students lead School Assemblies on a regular basis. 
They participate in Student Leadership meetings and are encouraged to take on a variety of projects to improve the school and its environment. 
The students are responsible for daily and weekly jobs throughout the school. They organise and lead various clubs and events involving students from Prep to Year 6 throughout the year. These include Computer Club, Environment Club, Sport Clubs, Pizza Days, Spell-a-thons, Discos and the School Talent Quest. 
Their confidence and self-esteem grow through these activities.
The student leaders buddy up with younger students and help to solve conflict on the Prep-2 playground after having training as a Bridge Builder. They actively work with the younger students during play breaks to model and support their play. They engage in conflict resolution skills such as identifying the problem, working towards a win-win-situation, showing the students the difference between a friendly choice and a conflict choice, and then setting them up for success. Through the Bridge Builder program, students are empowered to deal with their own personal conflicts, both at school and at home.

Developing their Talents

Programs in the school aim to develop all our students' talents. Extension activities are provided in music through our instrumental music program - in art, in sport, and in a variety of other areas. We are always on the lookout for new and interesting activities to extend the abilities of our students. ​​
Last reviewed 06 February 2020
Last updated 06 February 2020