Rules and policies

Families enrolling students will be provided a Policies and Procedures manual as part of their Welcome Pack. Some of that content is replicated here, and copies of the manual are also available from the Office.
Information about the Cannon Hill State School Enrolment Policy is available on our Enrolments page.
Please see our Communication Policy​ for details on how to access the Konnective App (essential for receiving important messages from the school), and other avenues keeping in touch with us.
Class Lists
Class lists for the new school year are placed on the noticeboard under the administration building on the Friday before school starts.
School Hours
Information about our school hours (including office hours) is available on our School Hours page. 
Drop-Off and Pick-Up
Our school travel and road safety policies are set out under Drop-Off and Pick-Up​
Absences, Late Arrivals and Early Departures
Please refer to the Absentee Policy for procedures and contact numbers.
If your child has a medical condition, please see our Health Policy​ for information regarding treatment, action plans and quarantine.
Healthy Eating
Please refer to our Food Policy​ for guidelines on Lunches, Munch & Crunch, School-Provided Food and our Birthday Cake policy.
School Uniforms
Please refer to our Uniform Policy for details of the dress code.  Details on how to buy new or secondhand uniforms are on our Uniform Shop​ page.
Personal Property
Please see our Personal Property Policy​ for guidelines regarding Care of Personal Items, Lost Property, Mobile Phones, and Toys.​
Our School Home Learning Policy​ involves reading every day, unless parents require additional assigned work.
Student Resource Scheme
Detailed information regarding our Student Resource Scheme​ is provided directly to families at the beginning of each school year.
Library Borrowing
A library bag is essential for the students to be able to borrow from our school library. (These are included in our booklists).
Teachers will advise the allocated Library day for each class, but books may be borrowed or returned at other times depending on staff availability.
For information about how the school handles payments and collects money (including the School Banking program), please see our Payments Policy
Student Leaders
We are fortunate to have a dedicated, enthusiastic and enterprising group of students as our Student Leaders each year. The students make suggestions about school issues and organise school functions such as student discos, market days, triathalons, fete stalls and talent shows.
Funds raised from these events are directed to improving conditions for our students, such as the replenishing of sand in the sand pits, or are donated to a charity selected by the Student Leaders. Past recipients of our fundraising ventures include ACT for Kids and The Salvation Army.
Both parents and staff attempt to instill, in our students, a sense of their place in the global community and remind them that we all have a contribution to make - that of doing our best.
Sporting Houses
All students are allocated to a Sporting House when enrolled in Prep. Family members are allocated to the same house.
Sporting houses are: Thunderbolts (Purple) and Shooting Stars (Orange).
Camps & Excursions
General information regarding our program of Camps, Excursions, Incursions and other activities is available on our Camps and Excursions​ page. Specific information regarding upcoming events will be set out in our School Newsletter (sent via Konnective).
Behaviour Management
Our Behaviour Management Policy is comprehensively detailed in a downloadable document: 2018 Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students​ (pdf, 1805kb).  For a shorter, broad explanation of the thinking behind our Behaviour Management practice, please refer to our Message From the Principal.
Complaints Management
We have a practical Complaints Management procedure, to resolve any issues that may arise during the course of your child's education. Please feel welcome to contact us if you feel a relevant situation may be emerging.
Last reviewed 24 June 2020
Last updated 24 June 2020