Before and after school procedures


​Before school

You are welcome to drop your child off using our stop, drop and go area (the Green Zone) on Molloy Road. However, only use this area if you don’t need to accompany your child onto school grounds. You can’t park there. At all.
It’s ok if you need to hop out of the car to help your child with their bag or say goodbye, but don’t leave your vehicle.  This area has to be used like a taxi rank – anything else endangers students’ lives. For more information about how to use our Green Zone, see our Drop Off and Pick Up Policy.
If your child needs to be accompanied onto the school grounds, please park somewhere else and walk together, using marked crossings appropriately.  There are options in Narela Street and Princess Street as well as on the other side of Molloy Road.  Please also be mindful of our neighbours’ needs, and make sure you’re not hindering their safe access to their properties.
School supervision of students starts at 8.30am.  No children should not be at school before that unless they are participating in Morning Sport (8am Monday to Thursday) or Breakfast Club (8.15am Tuesdays and Thursdays), in which case students must go directly to the relevant area.
Outside of that routine, Helping Hands is available to provide outside hours school care.
Any child who finds themselves at school early (and unsupervised) is expected to report to the office.
Before-school supervision takes place in the top area.  Nobody is to use the P-2 Playground before school.
Unless they are going straight to Morning Sport or Breakfast Club, students who have been dropped off at school need to head directly to the top area.  They need to keep their bags with them (but are welcome to put them down - we suggest they do so under the staff room). Students need to remain in the top area until the bell goes.
If students have been accompanied onto school grounds by a parent or carer, that parent or carer can supervise them to drop off their bag in the designated area for their class, but the student must then return directly to the top area until the bell goes.
Parents who are waiting for the bell are asked to bring their child promptly to the top area so that other children are not drawn away from staff supervision. 
This is a safety issue for all children in the school. We need to keep students in one clearly-defined area so our staff can keep an eye on everyone for whom they are responsible, and any incidents can be quickly responded to (particularly if first aid is required).
Young children may not understand that they need to be supervised by staff rather than their friends’ parents, so your co-operation is both needed and appreciated, thank you.

After school

The same rules about how to use the Green Zone apply after school. Don’t park there.
Families are welcome to use the P-2 playground after school, but need to understand that this area is not supervised by staff after school.  If your child is playing there, you need to supervise them. 
If you are running late, please let the office know, so your child can be called to wait in a safe, supervised environment for your arrival. 
If you need change your instructions to your child about pickup (for example if you want to get a message to them to come to the Green Zone for pickup), please be aware that messages are distributed to classes by 2.45pm. We may not be able to reach them before the bell goes after that.
If you know in advance that you can’t be at school for a 2.55pm pickup, please consider making a casual booking with Helping Hands for after school care.
When supervising your child in the playground after school, please bear in mind that everyone is expected to obey the school rule Ready, Respectful, Safe’.
Children need to be ready to listen to adults who are there, and parents need to be ready to make sure their children are doing the right thing (with equipment and with others).
Children need to be respectful of each other and the school’s equipment (which was purchased by the P&C using your hard earned fundraising dollars).
Keeping students safe is everyone’s business.
We value this community-building value of our P-2 Playground space. We want everyone to feel they can safely enjoy this facility and take the time to catch up with other families – so please remember to keep your eyes on the action while you’re chatting.
Last reviewed 06 February 2020
Last updated 06 February 2020