Drop-Off and Pick-Up


How to use the Green Zone

Cannon Hill State School has a pick up zone along Molloy Road (the 'Green Zone'), for delivery and collection of students by vehicle. Parents are asked to use this area like a quick-moving taxi rank
Children are supervised by school staff while they wait for their parents to move to the top of the queue. These procedures are in place to help ensure the safety of all children.
Parking is strictly not permitted between 7am and 9am, and between 2pm and 4pm in this area
For parents wishing to walk their children to the classroom, parking is usually available on Princess Street or Narela Street.
Walking to school is encouraged where practical. Please use the supervised crossings.

Road Safety

As parents and carers it's our responsibility to reduce the risk and make the streets safer for all users including our children. Children need to learn road safety first-hand. The skills are easy to learn, and we all play a part in this education. Children learn more about road safety from watching their older peers and adults than being told what to do. 
When meeting children at school, please always meet them on the school side of the road. Calling them across the road is dangerous. Teach children to wait for you to arrive. Talk to them about what to do if you are not there on time.
When parking near the school, please obey traffic signs. If you park on the opposite side of the road, please cross and collect your children safely. Do not double-park or load in the middle of the road. Also, please be considerate of our neighbours - do not park in driveways, and always allow sufficient margin for safe access to driveways.  
​Use the green two minute zones properly during set-down and pick-up times: they are for loading and unloading passengers, not parking.
For those in a hurry who wish to "stop, drop and go", or "stop, pickup and go", the 2 minute ("Green") zone is for your convenience. Use it like a quick-moving taxi rank - drive slowly to the head of the line, move forward as space becomes available, and load or unload ONLY at the head of the line. The driver must stay in the car unless assisting with loading of baggage or passengers. Do not park for more than 2 minutes during the signed hours of operation. If others abuse the zone, don't follow their lead. Do not leave the vehicle - this is an offence during hours of operation.
In the afternoon, children being collected in the pickup zone will wait in the designated waiting area. Please make sure they understand this and are watching out for your arrival. If you arrive early, please do not park in the Green Zone. Do not stay in the Green Zone if your child has not arrived in the designated waiting area. Collect your child when you reach the head of the line, and please ensure all passengers have secured seatbelts before driving off. Never call children across the road.
For parents of children in Years Prep to 2, an ideal spot to park to meet (or wait for) your children is in Princess Street. There is an entrance and walkway at the bottom of the oval, which leads up to the children's classrooms. 
Prep parents or carers come to the classroom for dropoff and pickup unless their child is in the care of Helping Hands.
Last reviewed 06 February 2020
Last updated 06 February 2020