We have a healthy eating policy at our school. Children are encouraged to eat healthy food.
As some students suffer from nut allergies, we request that you do not send nut products to school for your child's lunch - this includes peanut butter, nutella, nuts, or anything with added nuts. We thank you for your assistance with this. Teachers will advise if there are any additional allergens to avoid, depending on the needs of classmates from time to time.
All students should bring a reusable water bottle every day. These can be refilled at bubblers during the day.
Lunches should be packed in insulated containers, with cooler bricks if possible. Please don't pack frozen juiceboxes, water is enough.
Please pack a small quantity of crunchy fruit or vegetables for "Munch and Crunch", which is an informal snack students can choose to have during the course of the morning (before a scheduled meal break).  We find that having something crunchy to munch on helps students maintain alertness and energy levels during their learning.
Popular choices for Munch and Crunch include apples, carrots, cucumbers and celery. The benefits of Munch and Crunch are best achieved by providing healthy, crunchy, fresh fruit or vegetables. Highly processed foods (like chips) do not fit within these guidelines or our Healthy Eating Policy, so we would prefer these not to be consumed at school.
For more information about the reasoning behind Munch and Crunch, please visit
To assist in keeping our school clean and help our environment, we encourage rubbish-minimisation lunches: avoid plastic wrap or individually packaged items if possible. Compostable food scraps are collected in each classroom and delivered to the school chickens. Any food wrappers are returned home for recycling or disposal. Any uneaten food is also returned home with the student, so parents and carers can have a good understanding of how much the child has eaten that day.
Please ensure all containers (including lids) are manageable for the student to open independently, and clearly labelled with their name.
Students eat their lunches in the classroom at the end of first and second break (after playtime), under teacher supervision. This will equate roughly to eating times at around 10am (Munch and Crunch), 11.25am (First Break) and 1.55pm (Second Break).

School-Provided Food

Any food that is supplied by or facilitated through the school from time to time (Including the School Lunch Alternative Program, The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, Breakfast Club, School Camps and Fundraisers) must comply with the Smart Choices departmental guidelines.
Smart Choices uses a colour code system: Green = Have Plenty; Amber = Select Carefully; Red = Occasional (ie no more than twice per term). Parents and Carers may also find these guidelines useful in planning school lunches.

Celebrating Birthdays

As part of our healthy eating and allergen management policies, we do not allow birthday cakes or unhealthy party food in the classroom.  Families are welcome to liaise with relevant teaching staff to formulate a suitable, non-disruptive birthday acknowledgment within class time. Some classes may have a birthday badge, for example. Some students bring in non-food gifts to share.
Families who wish to share a birthday cake with school friends are welcome to arrange this in the P-2 Playground after school, under parental supervision. Party food must not be shared with a student unless that student's parent or carer has given informed permission. Please do not bring foods containing common allergens (eggs, nuts, etc), as some students may also have contact allergies. 
Last reviewed 24 June 2020
Last updated 24 June 2020