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Welcome to Cannon Hill State School

At Cannon Hill State School, we want our students and all community members to embrace learning.

Our school is over 100 years old, yet utterly modern in its approach to teaching, and in the design of its learning spaces. We value an inclusive and reflective evidence-based approach to all our endeavours.

We believe that curiosity is a powerful resource. Children's questions about the world are​ central to our program. Our approach to teaching ensures that all students know what they are learning, how they are learning, and when they have succeeded. We consider it our core business to enable each student to achieve their maximum potential. 

We aim to foster a sense of belonging and community - as well as a lifelong love of learning - in each of our students.

We operate at the frontline of educational innovation, with various learning strategies including the acclaimed Reggio Emilia approach, Project-Based learning, Inquiry-Based learning, and Product-Based learning. 

We actively use action research and practitioner research to reflect on the efficacy and individual 'fit' of the evidence-based research that guides our broader strategies.

We readily share our work with local and international educators, just as we welcome community and parent engagement with our school. 

Our Core Values:

We love to learn.

Challenge all the time, thinking all the time.

We never give up.

Nothing without Work.​​​​​





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